I found Atkins peanut butter cups at one Shoppers Drug in town for $8.99/pkg. They’re $10.79 at well.ca and $10.99 at another Shoppers Drug in town. They’re $7.70 at the Low Carb Grocery in Markham. The web tells me they’re $5.50 at WalMart in the US – I could ask my parents to pick some up for me.

I’ll be near Markham this weekend so I’ll be checking out the low carb grocery this weekend (and probably spending too much money there).

I donated blood this morning. I brought cheese with me and had tea to drink afterward. I decided to indulge myself in a small bag of gingersnaps for 20 net carbs.

My blood pressure has dropped – it was 105 over 69 at the clinic. It’s typically been a bit under 120 over a bit under 80. I commented that I should eat more olives and the nurse said that she thinks the medical consensus is moving more toward blood pressure around my current level. Interesting.