I’ve been eating a fair amount of cashews thinking that since they’re high fat they’re low carb. I mostly buy them in bulk so there’s no label to stare at, but I bought a bag of salted cashews from Dollarama. (LCHF snack of champions from Dollarama – Perrier and salted nuts or seeds.) Anyway, 13 net carbs for 45 grams really surprised me.

Obviously, I’m not going to stop eating cashews, but I’m going to try to choose things like peanuts and pecans more often. Here’s an excerpt from http://lowcarbdiets.about.com/od/carbcounts/a/Carbs-Fats-And-Calories-In-Nuts-And-Seeds.htm.


Nut or seed Net carbs
Flax Seeds 0.5
Pecans 1.2
Brazil Nuts 1.3
Madadamia Nuts 1.6
Chia Seeds 1.7
Walnuts 1.9
Hazelnuts 2
Coconut* 2
Peanuts 2.1
Pine Nuts 2.7
Almonds 2.7
Sunflower Seeds 3.2
Sesame Seeds 3.3
Pumpkin Seeds 3.9
Pistachios 5.8
Cashews 8.1
Chestnuts 10.5