I’ve found that since I have cans of Zevia pop in the fridge I drink more pop not because I necessarily want it more than homemade iced coffee or iced tea but because I can just grab it and be on my way. To try to address this, I put iced coffee and iced tea in my reusable stainless steel portable mugs and put them in the fridge. Success! I brought iced tea instead of pop with me today.

Regarding iced coffee, I make decaf coffee as usual (for me, that means in a french press) then refrigerate it in a covered glass pitcher. Since it’s usually just me drinking it, I often add my stevia drops while it’s still hot, but if people with different tastes were drinking it I’d probably leave it plain. I drink it with some heavy cream but I find the cream clumps if I add the cream then refrigerate it so it’s better to add cream to each serving.

Lately, as a treat, I’ve been drinking my iced coffee with low-carb sweetened condensed milk (made as written with erythritol and 1/16 tsp. powdered stevia instead of the stevia drops). If I were making the sweetened condensed milk solely for iced coffee I’d probably increase the vanilla to 1-2 Tbsp since I love vanilla in my coffee.