I picked up some Latin Lemonaise at Whole Foods. It’s lovely and tangy and has 0 net carbs. It’s a nice change from plain mayo. (On my next visit, I picked up the Green Dragon Lemonaise. Wow, great wasabi flavour.)

So far, I’ve been eating it with burdock burgers (similar to these, about 4 g of net carbs each), which are one of those funny vegetarian foods that feels more meat-like because there are bits that get stuck in my teeth. (Which gives me incentive to floss my teeth – excellent.) They’re not supposed to imitate any particular meat, but they remind me more of fish than of anything else.

Tonight’s dinner was burdock burgers and latin lemonaise with sliced almost-overripe (I cut off some brown spots) avocado and sliced cucumber, drizzled with soy sauce.