When I was at Whole Foods this weekend, I found a chocolate bar that’s almost as low in sugar as the Lindt 90% but is certified organic and “Beyond Fair Trade”, which I need to look into. It’s Giddy Yoyo’s Wild Ecuadorian Chocolate 89%. It’s quite nice, albeit not as smoothly textured as the Lindt. Of course, it’s ~3x the price of the Lindt – $5 for 62 g vs. $2.50 for 100 g. (I generally buy a bunch of Lindt chocolate bars when they go on sale for 2/$5.) Anyway, it’s good to have another option.

From the manufacturer:

We pay the growers and harvesters 20% beyond fair trade rates. Hence the vert ‘beyond fair trade’. We made it up. No denying it or pretending.

Hmmm… so essentially they’re eliminating the costs of certification and giving the growers the extra. So if you trust them it’s better, if not it’s worse.