I’ve been eating low carb for almost 3 months now. This blog is quite a good record of the foods I eat, but not really their timing or frequency. (I stopped tracking maybe a month ago so the linked fatsecret account isn`t of much use.)

Drinks: I drink homemade iced tea, water, decaf coffee with cream, and regular tea or herbal tea throughout the day. When I drink pop, it’s usually Zevia. (Maybe a couple a week which is, admittedly, more than I drank before I started eating low carb.) I drink alcohol infrequently and try to choose wine over beer.

Breakfast: Sometimes scrambled eggs or egg frittata, frequently toasted almond bread with butter, cheese, or homemade stevia jam. (I’m showing no signs of getting sick of almond bread – it’s great.) This morning I had unsweetened sunflower milk (not bad – something new I was trying), iced tea, almond bread toast with jam and some deviled eggs.

Snacks: Frequently 90% cocoa lindt chocolate, sometimes Atkins bars (hazelnut-chocolate, coconut-chocolate, or peanut butter cups), sometimes 10% fat yogurt (plain or with stevia jam), frequently cheese, nuts, deviled eggs, or homemade low-carb cheesecake.

Lunch and dinner: Since I mostly cook for 1, lunch and dinner are often leftovers from a previous lunch or dinner. If you scan through the savoury recipes here, you’ll see mostly everything I’ve cooked for lunches and dinners.

One thing I’ve found handy if I’m out in the world, hungry and unprepared is to buy a decaf coffee (my stomach can’t handle caffeinated) with as much cream as my hunger dictates. (Ordering a coffee with 4 creams is a bit odd, but it tastes fine and it tides me over until I’m home.) Tim Horton`s has 18% cream whereas most places seem to have 10% cream. (Higher in carbs and less filling.)

I find that I’m taking lactaid and digestive enzymes very infrequently now, which is interesting because I thought my current diet would exacerbate my lactose intolerance.