Simple and Fluffy Gluten-Free Low-Carb Bread

After reading this recipe last night, I went out and bought almond butter and whey protein powder. (The bulk stuff from the health food store.) Unfortunately, I didn’t read far enough to realize that the recipe called for a silicone loaf pan. I greased the heck out of a metal loaf pan and it came out beautifully, so the silicone loaf pan isn’t necessary. (After it had cooled for a half hour I loosened it with a heat-safe spatula.) It doesn’t taste exactly like bread, of course, but as the author says it’s moist and fluffy – I approve. (So did 2 friends, one of whom eats gluten-free and neither of whom eats low carb.)

I’ve toasted and buttered this bread, made cheesy toast (spread a cream cheese-grated cheddar mixture on top and then toasted it), smothered it with sugar free jam, made toasted tomato sandwiches, and buttered it and packed it in a picnic lunch – all good applications.

Making two loaves and freezing one worked great – the frozen and thawed loaf tasted equally good. I am finding in the sticky, hot summer weather (I use air conditioning sparingly) I need to keep the loaf in the fridge or the crust gets sticky. Loaves are lasting me more like 3-4 days now – I haven’t had any go mouldy but of course once I noticed the sticky crust I started refrigerating the bread.

At the recipe author’s request, I have removed the recipe. You can follow the recipe at her site, adding a pinch of salt to the whey mixture, using large eggs, and using a well-greased metal pan.

My 3rd time making this I doubled the recipe since the pan never seemed that full with a single recipe. Not the best idea – the pan overflowed (thankfully onto a pan I’d put underneath), had a hole in the middle, and was a bit dry by the time it cooked through. (The overflow didn’t go to waste – I’ve been breaking off pieces of it as dog treats.)

I ran out of almond butter so I topped it up with tahini (100 g almond butter + 25 g tahini). I didn’t notice much difference. (All tahini would probably be too bitter.)

I made this in my toaster oven. It turned out a bit on the pale side and didn’t rise quite as much, but it tastes just as good so it’s a great option for a heatwave.

I want to try cooking this mixture in a waffle iron.

I want to try making this with cashew butter since it’s milder tasting so I think it’ll be better for a wider range of applications.