I ordered an Atkins Starter Kit because it was free and it got me 3 free Atkins bars. I didn’t particularly like the peanut butter chocolate one – I found the texture pasty. The coconut bar tastes pretty similar to a Bounty bar, except that it has a sucralose aftertaste. The hazelnut-chocolate bar was my favourite – it had whole hazelnuts in it and the hazelnut flavour lingered as long as the sucralose, so I didn’t mind the sucralose so much.

At ~$2 apiece, I might eat them occasionally, but I’d mostly rather eat my own baked goods.

I think that the individual Russel Stover sugar-free coconut chocolates taste better than the Atkins chocolate-coconut bars, but I haven’t compared their nutritional information since I haven’t eaten the Russel Stover chocolates since I started eating LCHF. (I used to eat them when I was dating a diabetic.)

Edit: I underestimated the marketing power of this promotion 🙂 I did end up buying a couple boxes of hazelnut-chocolate bars, as well as some other bars to try. The peanut butter cups are much better than the peanut butter chocolate bar, although I’d prefer them if they had more filling and less coating. The price varies a lot – a box was $10.50 at Shoppers, $9 at well.ca, and when I get to Toronto I’ll pick up a box at The low carb grocery for $7.75.

I like the Peanut Butter Fudge Crisp bar – it’s a bit less sweet than the other bars I’ve tried. I’m not a big fan of the Modified Palm Kernel and Palm Oil in the ingredients. (Also included in the hazelnut-chocolate bar.)