It’s been a very restaurant-heavy week – Tuesday was the last day I didn’t eat at a restaurant. 

Anyway, I’m not normally huge on buffets, but this one was in the right location (near the movie theater) and at the right price ($7.99) for the people I was going with.

As usual, I’m only estimating the carbohydrate values based on similar foods in fatsecret, but I found it relatively easy to eat low-carb there. I chose to skip the chickpea curry although if I’d been in the mood I’m sure a small portion wouldn’t have been a big deal. I had lettuce, cucumbers, and tomatoes with yogurt sauce; roasted cauliflower and bell peppers with hot peppers; saag paneer; and bangain bhartha.

The only high-carb food that was tempting (and it surprised me) was the candied fennel seed at the end, so I had a tsp and accounted for it on fatsecret – no big deal.

I do need to take a break from restaurants, though.