Some of the recipes on Your Lighter Side include protein powder, so although I don’t find it difficult to get enough protein I’ve considered buying some to be able to make the recipes. Of course, there are a lot of different protein powders at the store so I didn’t have a clue which one to start with.

This post has a good overview of some of the differences among protein powders. One thing that it suggests that I’d like to try is using unflavored soy, soy/whey blend, or rice protein to bread eggplant. I can buy whey protein in bulk, so if I don’t like it at least I won’t have bought a whole package.

One protein powder the post doesn’t mention is hemp, which seems to be quite common here. It’ll be interesting to see what it excels at.

On an only mildly related note, I like the taste of hemp hearts but haven’t bought any since I started eating low carb. It looks like they have 2 net carbs per ounce, so I should pick some up.