Reading about sparkling wine in The Glove and Mail, I decided that it was important that I know about the carbohydrate content of sparkling wines. From wikipedia:

Terms used to indicate sweetness of sparkling wine

Rating Sugar content
(grams per litre)
Brut Nature (no added sugar) 0–3
Extra Brut 0–6
Brut 0–12
Extra Dry, Extra Sec, Extra seco 12–17
Dry, Sec, Seco 17–32
Demi-Sec, Semi-seco 32–50
Doux, Sweet, Dulce 50+

For the past few years, I’ve had sparkling wine that I bought on winery tours. Before that, my go-to sparkling wine was Henkell Brut. (Which, according to the chart above could have 0-12 g of sugar per L, or 0-1.5 g of sugar per 125 mL.) Interestingly, Henkell makes a Brut Nature sparkling wine, but the LCBO doesn’t seem to carry it. The least expensive brut nature at LCBO is VALLDOSERA BRUT NATURE CAVA – I’ll report back after I try it.

Henkell Dosage Zéro

The cuvée Henkell Dosage Zéro is made of the same high-quality matured wines, composed and produced for our classic Henkell Trocken. The difference lies in the dosage: Henkell Dosage Zéro is not dosaged at all, hence is made without any addition of sugar after fermentation.