I picked some finely ground almond flour up at Whole Foods – $16/lb. (Compared to $7/lb for raw almonds at the Indian market.) I’m excited to start trying recipes with it!

The last time I was at Whole Foods, they offered stevia packets as a sugar alternative for their coffee. This time, they had xylitol packets. I couldn’t tell that well how it tasted because when I ordered a large decaf Americano I mistakenly said “yes” when they asked if I wanted all 4 shots of espresso. (Normally I think I get 1 shot of espresso for a medium Americano.) Holy, bitter! (I know I could have added more than 1 packet of xylitol but normally I take my coffee unsweetened and I didn’t want to risk having the digestive effects of sugar alcohols kick in while I was driving.)