I think that Armstrong Cheese Sticks taste a lot better than Cheestrings. They both have 0 carbs, although at 7 g fat and 5 g protein for the cheese sticks compared to 4 g fat and 6 g protein for the cheestrings, the cheese sticks are slightly LCHF-preferable. Cheestrings, though, are the clear winner for being easy and dignified to eat after being out of the fridge for a while. I had a cheese stick on my desk in a ~22 degree room for 6 hours. When I opened the package, the stick flopped. There was also visible grease that I was a bit worried about getting on my clothes.

Of course, having a better selections of small, unbreakable, reusable containers that I can keep in my purse would give me more options for carrying snacks. I have my sugar-free antacids (which thankfully I’m needing less than when I first changed my diet) in a wonderfully secure ~1 oz tupperware container that J gave me. I’d like to get a second one, at least, for mints. These mints are quite nice but the container they come in does not stay shut in a purse. (I haven’t seen the bulk bags they show on their web site in stores – I’ll have to keep an eye out.)