Banh Mi wraps

I’ve been missing Banh mi since the Banh mi place near me moved further away (and obviously the bun is a no-go since I started eating low-carb) so I devised this recipe to replace it based on several recipes online.

I picked up some daikon at the Chinese market – they have a huge pile of it and it costs $0.69/lb. Check out all the low-carb recipes that can use it.

daikon and carrot pickle, made by following this recipe with stevia instead of sugar

lemongrass tofu

cucumber, cut into spears

sriracha (1 g of sugar per tsp, but it doesn’t take much) or fresh chiles or chile sauce (the banh mi place near me makes their own from fresh chiles – I wonder if they’d sell me some)


fresh cilantro


Spread mayo generously on the lettuce. Add cilantro, tofu, cucumber, and pickled carrot and daikon. Add sriracha to taste. Roll up and eat.