Smothered veggie dogs

I didn’t miss the bun at all eating my veggie dogs this way.

2 veggie dogs

1 onion, sliced


grated cheese (I used jalapeno havarti, which continues to be excellent for everything but eating out of hand)

dijon or English mustard

dill pickles

Fry the onion in butter.

Meanwhile, slice your veggie dogs lengthwise.

When the onion is as soft and as browned as you like, push it to the sides of the pan. Add more butter to the centre of the pan and arrange the veggie dogs cut side down in the butter. When one side is browned, turn the veggie dogs. When the other side is browned, remove them to a plate.

Sprinkle grated cheese over the veggie dogs then put the onions on top so that the cheese melts between the veggie dogs and the hot onions.

Eat with dill pickles and mustard.