Jalapeno havarti omlette

Of course, omelettes are excellent with many different fillings, but I bought some jalapeno havarti and didn’t like it eaten plain. It tastes excellent in an omelette, though.  I ate this with baby dill pickles for lunch.

I gave up on nonstick a long time ago – too fussy and the nonstick coating never lasts long enough to suit me. It’s extra silly with LCHF eating – with plenty butter or oil in the pan, cast iron prevents sticking as well or better and produces better browning. And if something happens to stick or burn to it, you can scrub it with steel wool without damaging it.

salted butter

3 eggs

heavy cream

salt and pepper

several thin slices jalapeno havarti (easier than grating)

Heat a cast iron pan over medium heat. Add a tablespoon or more of butter and heat until it is foamy. Swirl it around to cover the bottom of the pan.

Meanwhile, beat the eggs with a splash of heavy cream.

Pour the eggs into the pan. When the bottom begins to set, lower the heat and tilt the pan so that the eggs cook in a fairly even layer. When the top has just a little bit of liquid egg on it, add the cheese and fold the omelette in half. Cook briefly, then flip and cook until the egg is set. (The cheese might ooze out the sides – this doesn’t mean the egg isn’t set.) Slide onto a plate and eat.