Looking back at my food tracking, I think that Monday’s nausea might have been the keto flu because my net carbs had crept down. Especially as long as I’m losing weight on close to 100 net carbs per day I’m not willing to go through that again, so I’m changing my goals to specify a lower limit for net carbs.

These are my dietary goals:

– around 100-120 g of protein per day

– around 80-100 g of net carbohydrates per day

– as much fat as my hunger dictates

I’m tracking my eating on fatsecret.com and on my BlackBerry using the Calorie Counter by fatsecret application. I mostly only measure carbohydrate-containing foods precisely – fruits and vegetables. Other items I often eyeball, although I do measure heavy cream (when it’s more than a glug) mostly so I know how much lactaid to take to counteract it.