Berries and cream chia pudding

This tastes nice and comforting to me.

3 Tbsp. chia

6 Tbsp. water (I would have used unsweetened soy milk if I’d had some on hand)

pinch salt

2 Tbsp. mixed berry jam (see below)

2 Tbsp. heavy cream

Combine the chia with the water and salt. When the chia has hydrated, add the jam and heavy cream. Stir and eat.

Mixed berry jam with stevia

Based on this recipe

4 cups of thawed, crushed mixed berries (measured after thawing and crushing – you should thaw about 2L of unsweetened berries to get this much)
1 cup pure cranberry juice
1 package no sugar needed pectin
1/2 tsp stevia, or to taste (this amount made a tart jam, which I like)

Mash the thawed berries with a potato masher. Measure the 4 cups of mixed berries and 1 cup of fruit juice into a large, deep stainless steel saucepan. Whisk in No Sugar Needed Fruit Pectin until dissolved. Stirring constantly, bring fruit mixture to a boil over high heat. If using, add sweetener (sugar or SPLENDA®) and return mixture to a boil. (I added the stevia after boiling for 3 minutes, but it’s heat stable so before boiling should be fine, too.) Stirring frequently, boil 3 minutes. Remove from heat. Skim foam.

At this point, I put the jam in jars and put it in the fridge, and I’ll use it within a couple weeks. (I admit I’ve been eating it for a couple months with no ill-effects.) If you want to can it, use the instructions at the link above.