I stayed at a friend’s house overnight. I brought a dozen eggs, a 90% cocoa chocolate bar, babybel cheese, cheddar and marble cheese sticks, some brazil nuts, and coconut milk with me. I did pretty well at eating as I’d planned. I ate:

– brazil nuts and cheese as snacks

– super rich hot chocolate (heat coconut milk and stir in 90% cocoa chocolate)

– scrambled eggs with grated mozzarella

– fried eggs with feta cheese

– romaine lettuce with sliced hard boiled eggs, lemon olive oil, champagne vinegar, salt, and pepper

– lots of tea with cream

– baby dill pickles

It’s funny being in someone else’s house because a lot of the things I think of as basics, like mayo and dijon mustard, aren’t there. (They’re the sort of friends who say “if you find anything you want to eat, eat it”.)