Stevia is my fake sweetener of choice. Aspartame tastes so-so to me and splenda tastes horrible. In addition to bulk Frontier co-operative stevia (which was a great deal at 113 g for $25, remembering that 1/4 tsp. to 1/2 tsp. replaces a cup of sugar), I have a bunch of flavoured stevia drops. I like the drops for coffee and sometimes for smoothies.

I’d like to try root beer flavoured stevia¬†and toffee flavoured stevia, but I’m waiting until I finish at least a couple of the 12 flavours I’ve already bought.

I don’t like commercial diet pop, but I do like fizzy water. (And I try not to buy bottled water for environmental reasons.) Sometimes I’m tempted to buy a SodaStream. If I find that eating low-carb is working for me in the long term I’ll retire my various carb-related cooking vessels and appliances and treat myself to a SodaStream. (Carb-related cooking vessels and appliances include: 2 types of waffle iron, various cake and bread pans, bread machine, and baked bean pot.)

One thing that I’m excited that I shouldn’t have to get rid of is my ice cream maker.

Mocha-almond ice cream

3 1/2 cups of whole fat (i.e., heavy, 35% fat) cream

1 cup of zero sugar almond milk

1 tbsp vanilla extract

2 tbsp almond extract

3 tbsp ground espresso powder

2 tbsp xylitol

I prefer unsweetened soy milk over unsweetened almond milk so I’ll probably use that. I haven’t decided whether xylitol is worth buying – probably, if I can buy a small quantity in bulk. I make my own vanilla extract – just vodka and vanilla beans.

I’m also dying to try Low-carb high-fat thin mints. I bet they’ll be great frozen.