The good news is that being well-fed means that it’s easy to say no to high-carb foods in most cases. My work has a snack table across from my desk with free cookies, candies and chips that’s easy to pass up.

I’m not quite ready to talk to my parents about my dietary change (vegetarianism is weird enough to them) but when I visited last weekend it was pretty easy because we were ordering from a Hakka Chinese restaurant. I had green beans with garlic sauce, hot and sour soup, and chili paneer and just skipped the steamed rice. I did have a small piece of peach custard pie, but I accounted for it and I only ended up at 107 g of net carbs for the day.

I do really enjoy eating out at restaurants, which will be challenging in some cases.

Here are some ideas I’ve had:

Italian – caesar salad, no bacon or croutons, stuffed mushrooms (at East Side Mario’s, at least – a lot of places only offer battered mushrooms) no side crostini

Breakfast – eggs with hollandaise and spinach or cheese and vegetable omlette and tomatoes, no home fries or toast

Mexican – vegetarian fajitas no rice no tortillas, extra cheese and sour cream? (Also often an option at pubs and restaurants like Crabby Joe’s.)

Chinese – any tofu and vegetable dish with not too much sauce (and not sweet sauce but I don’t usually go for that anyway)

Thai – thai coconut soup (no noodles if they normally come with them), curry with no rice or noodles, or same as Chinese

Vietnamese – vegetable pho no noodles with fried tofu or fried eggs on the side

Arabic – falafel with no fries, rice, or pita. (Falafel’s a bit high in carbs but not terrible as an occasional treat given it has some fiber and a good dose of fat, too.) Green salad no pita chips. Fried vegetables. No stuffed grape leaves because of the rice.

Jamaican – chickpea curry (a bit high in carbs despite the fiber, but if I watch my portion it should be fine), callalloo (delicious green vegetable), and coleslaw or green salad with oil and vinegar dressing. Just have to resist the plantain and rice and peas.

Pub food – often, salad no croutons potentially extra dressing, extra cheese, or extra hard-boiled eggs if they have them.

I’ll probably have to skip Ethiopian and the pupuseria. I’ll see about making some nitter kibbeh (Ethiopian spiced butter) at home to make some low-carb variations on the Ethiopian dishes I like.